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Pitney Bowes mailstation 2™

mailstation 2™
The Mailstation 2 with pbWebconnect
Try it FREE for 60 days* after trial period, pay only $24.99 a month for 1 year* mailstation 2™ Order Now * plus the cost of postage, refills and supplies during the trial and your rental term. Offer good for new customers only.
Bonus Offer$100 in Postage Coupons.

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Pitney Bowes mailstation 2™ the smart solution for your small business just got better.

Mail Ship Save

The mailstation2™ provides the speed and accuracy of getting your everyday letters, postcards and large envelopes out the door.

Save up to 55% on postage.
Take advantage of exclusive USPS® discounts on Priority Mail® and Express Mail®

Avoid waste by printing accurate postage every time with the built-in scale

Save time and gas by eliminating trips to the Post Office even when working remotely.

Enjoy flexibility.
Get mail and packages out the door in the office or from other locations, wherever business takes you.

Reduce hassles
Never run out of stamps again. Print exact postage on demand.

Take advantage of online tools to save money and reduce hassle

  • Ship packages easily and save up to 55% or more
    • Up to 55% on Priority Mail Express™
    • Up to 35% on Priority Mail®
    • 2% on First-Class Mail®
  • Manage your postage spend via the web

 With the mailstation2™, handle everyday mail in the office with ease

  • Built in scale to calculate exact postage – avoid guessing
  • Print postage on demand – on letters, large envelopes,and postcards
  • Refill postage instantaneously* – eliminate running out of stamps
    • Option to auto refill postage when balance gets low
  • Handle multiple letters and large envelopes with ease. Up to 18 letters per minute.
  • Postage rates updated automatically when postage prices go up – one less thing to think about.
  • Promote your business - print a message or QR Code onto your envelopes

* Internet connection required

Small Business Fit - Small Business Postage Meter

All-purpose meter for low volume mailing needs
Average Monthly Mail Volume
<100 pieces
Up to 18 LPM
Envelope Feed
Media Sizes
Letters, large envelopes, & small packages
Media Thickness
Flap Depth
Integrated Weighing Options
2 lbs., 5 lbs.
Optional Interfaced Weighing
Differential Weighing Options
Integrated Weigh on the Way® (WOW)
International Rates
USPS and Carrier Rate Updates
Network enabled (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable)
13.8" L x 10.4" D x 8.4" H
13 lbs.
100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.0 A



Does postage cost the same as at the Post Office?

Postage costs the same or less than at the Post Office. Mailstation2™ customers can save up to 35% on Priority Mail® and up to 55% or more on Express Mail® over the price you pay at the Post Office. Also, you are eligible for FREE Delivery Confirmation™ with Priority Mail.

Is the mailstation 2™ easy to use?

Yes. Easy to read menu prompts and convenient buttons on the mailstation 2™ keep it simple.

How do I add postage to the mailstation 2™ system?

The mailstation 2™ connects to the Pitney Bowes Data Center via the Internet. Just connect the mailstation2 to your local network via Wi-Fi or the provided network (ethernet) cable. Save trips to the Post Office. You have the option to enable the automatic refill of postage when the balance gets low.

What is the charge for adding postage to the mailstation 2™ system?

This offer includes unlimited refills of postage with no refill fees.

What is the size of the mailstation 2™ with the integrated scale?

13.6” L x 11.1” W x 8.5” H. Weight is 8.7 lbs.

Can I buy the mailstation 2™ instead of renting?

No. Only authorized postage meter manufacturers and the U.S. Postal Service may hold title to meters.