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pbSmart™ Codes gives you the power to quickly and easily create an end-to-end QR code marketing campaign - turning traditional campaigns into engaging, interactive experiences.

  • Generate and download a QR code
  • Create a customizable mobile webpage linking to that QR code
  • Track and analyze the results in real-time

Create engaging interactive QR code marketing campaigns.
Marketing campaigns utilizing QR code technology are an extremely effective way to engage interested prospects and build customer loyalty. A QR code can turn a simple marketing piece into a unique interactive customer experience.

pbSmart™ Codes gives you the power to quickly and easily create an end-to-end QR code marketing campaign that will enable you to attract new customers, strengthen relationships, and analyze the results—all while increasing your revenue.

With pbSmart Codes, launching a QR code marketing campaign is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Create your campaign. With pbSmart Codes, you can generate not only a QR code, but the customizable mobile webpage that customers see on their phone after scanning a code.

2. Design Your Media. pbSmart Codes gives you the ability to easily design your mobile page as well as the printed media on which you want your QR code to appear. Our pre-loaded templates make design a breeze. You can also choose to have these materials professionally printed—directly from pbSmart Codes—and download your QR code for use in other integrated marketing campaigns.

3. Track and analyze your results. With pbSmart Codes, you can track which QR codes are scanned and when. As a result, it will be easy to analyze and adjust your messaging, promotions or budget to continuously propel your business forward.

pbSmart™ Codes has everything you need to create a multi-dimensional QR marketing campaign geared to today's instant access, high tech world. No one knows your business better than you. Knowing your business and who you want to reach combined with pbSmart Codes will help you engage your target audience in exciting and meaningful ways.

Media & QR Codes

  • Make QR Codes and download to use on email, direct mail or other print media
  • Posters you can display prominently in and around your business location
  • Create Flyers to distribute around town to generate awareness of your event
  • Outdoor/Yard Signs with QR Code placed prominently to promote your event
Mobile Pages
  • Customize and design Mobile Web Pages optimized for smartphone users to easily provide on-demand information
  • Promote an event and enable real-time registration
  • Coupons on your Mobile page helps attract customers with special offers
  • Create leads by capturing email addresses of interested prospects
  • Add YouTube video’s to your mobile page to showcase your business
  • Link prospects to your Social Media sites and make them your customers
Analytics & Data
  • View reports on scans and email addresses to measure QR marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Download captured email addresses and follow-up on leads

Plans and Pricing
Monthly Subscription Pricing:

Basic-It's Free!

No. of Active Campaigns
No. of Scans 1,500
Price $0

See more Plans and Pricing here.

Here are some answers to your common QR Codes marketing questions.

What is pbSmart™ Codes?
It's the newest way-with QR codes-for businesses of all sizes to promote themselves. With pbSmart Codes, businesses can create QR codes and customize QR marketing campaigns (i.e., a poster, mobile web pages, and flyers) to stay competitive and grow your business.

What's included in the free Basic version of pbSmart Codes?
FREE use of pbSmart™ Codes monthly:
  • Create up to 10 QR marketing campaigns
  • Run 1 QR campaign per month
  • Create Engaging Mobile Pages
  • Professional easy to customize templates
  • Real-Time Tracking of results
  • Online support including Chat, Learning Center and FAQ's
  • Coaching from our communication specialists
  • It's Free - No contracts - No credit card required.
What are QR codes and how do they work?
QR codes are "quick response" codes. They are two-dimensional URLs (web addresses), which are similar to the barcodes you see on items in stores that are scanned for pricing at checkout. The reason QR codes are more useful than a standard barcode for marketing purposes, is they can store (and digitally present) much more information, including web links, geo coordinates and text.

Visually, QR codes look like square, digital patterns and can be added to print ads, direct mail, posters, and more. These patterns carry codes which can be scanned by people with Smartphones. Once scanned, the Smartphone user is immediately connected with a business’ mobile page tailored with coupons and other exclusive offers, and event or product/service invitation. One scan makes it all accessible in an instant! Note: These applications are easily downloaded to a Smartphone in minutes at no cost.

How can QR codes benefit my business?
QR Codes turn you physical marketing communications into an interactive customer experience that gets attention. They are more dynamic and enable your prospects and customers to instantly connect to and act on information about your business, a special discount, or invitation to an event you're planning.

What kinds of reports are available to me?
Reports track by date range each campaign and show you # of scans, mobile pageviews and # of emails entered on your Mobile Page. You also have the capability to download email addresses captured so you can follow-up on leads.

What should be on a mobile page?
A mobile page is a mini web page where you can share information, give your customers a special offer or capture emails for leads. The mobile page is formatted to provide the best customer experience when viewing on a Smartphone. Used along with QR codes, it should give customers information on your business and special incentives. Consider including things that would motivate prospective customers to respond to your business, such as exclusive mobile offers like an invitation to a special sale, free gift with purchase, coupons, a digital tour, menus, events, or anything you wish to feature.

Why should I use pbSmart Codes?
Just like social media and other recent updates in marketing technology, QR codes are a new way to reach qualified customers and the cost is relatively low. Try the Basic Version of pbSmart™ Codes for FREE or pay as little as $16.99 month. See Pricing and Plans for all pricing options.

How can I make pbSmart Codes work for my business?
Take a look at your business needs. Use the QR code on your poster to direct prospective customers to your mobile web page with exclusive coupons or discounts. Or, if you feel potential customers don’t know exactly what services you provide, include information about your business. Or, if you’re planning a sale, promote it and have customers RSVP. Plus, you can add the optional flyers to the mix to use as Point of Sale pieces, handouts at events, or cross-promotions with a complementary business. You have lots of options.

What kinds of Smartphones read QR Codes?
QR codes can be read with any Smartphone equipped with a QR Code reader application. Download ScanShot, Pitney Bowes’ QR Code Reader available for iPhone's and Android users.

Can I link to Twitter or Facebook from my mobile page?
Yes, you can link to social media; however, QR codes work best as a "value add" for customers. We recommend you give customers a reason to go to your social media site (e.g., to obtain an exclusive offer).

How long does it take to create a campaign?
It takes no more than ten minutes to create a QR code marketing campaign including the QR Code, your customized mobile page as well as the poster, lawn sign or flyer.
What kinds of promotions could I create?
pbSmart Codes enables you to create promotions for events, sales or share information. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Events: Announce an upcoming sale (holiday, annual, etc.), invite customers to come see live demonstration or speaker, etc.
Promotions: Provide an exclusive—QR accessible only—discount (i.e., percentage off) or coupon (e.g., Buy One-Get One, new customer savings, etc.)
Information: Release news of a new location, products or service. Make testimonials available. Link to a video or interactive information.

What kinds of templates are available to me?
We have a large variety of easy to customize generic templates as well as special templates for industries like Healthcare, Fashion, Restaurants, Education, Entertainment, Retail and Banking. You can customize the templates with your logo, images and with your own copy.

What size are the posters?
The posters are 24" x 36", color, one-sided and printed on high-quality poster stock.

How will I know if pbSmart™ Codes is working for me?
Besides word of mouth and customer feedback on your campaign—that is, customers walking into your business and redeeming your coupon or asking about a promotion, you'll be able to view reports in real-time via your pbSmart™ Codes account. You'll be able to see by campaign and date the # of scans, # of mobile page views and # emails captured.

How much does it cost?
pbSmart™ Codes subscriptions are available at four different levels: Basic, Standard, Professional and Enterprise/Agency. The Basic subscription is FREE. View our Plans and Pricing Page to see how our subscription plans compare If you choose a poster, lawn sign or flyer, there is an additional cost to print and ship the finished product to you.

Can I add my own logo and images to the templates?
Yes, of course you can.

Can I add my own logo and images to the mobile pages?
You can add either an image or logo to the mobile page.

For support and information about the pbSmart™ Codes end-to-end QR code campaign solution, call 1-877-822-0996 or email support@pbsmartcodes.com.