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How does the meter save me money?
The mailstation™ Digital Postage Meter comes with a built in scale so you'll know exactly how much postage is needed to mail your letter or package automatically. You won't need to guess, and you won't need to add more postage "just to be safe." Studies have shown that by eliminating the guesswork you can save up to 20% on your postage costs.

Can we buy the meter instead of renting? (Why not?)
Most customers ask if they can buy the meter rather than renting it. Pursuant to U.S. Postal Service regulations, only authorized postage meter manufacturers and the Postal Service may hold title to postage meters. This means that we cannot sell the meters.

How do you get the postage into the meter?
When you receive your meter, you'll get full instructions on its use including how to refill postage with a simple phone call or on the web with You can access our Postage by Phone®, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a touch of a button you can refill postage; it's so simple; no need to ever go to the Post Office.

Does the postage cost the same as it does at the post office?
Yes. Postage is treated like a form of currency and Pitney Bowes can only offer the current USPS rates.

Can it track postage expenses for multiple accounts?
The mailstation™ Digital Postage Meter comes with the ability to track up to 9 different accounts for an additional expense.

Does it seal the envelopes?
The mailstation™ Digital Postage Meter is a low volume postage meter - it will only put postage on your mail. However, you can purchase an inexpensive hand held sealer in our online supplies store located at

What happens if I don't keep the meter for the full commitment?
If you're not completely satisfied during the free trial, return the meter and scale during the free trial period with no further obligation. Any unused postage will be fully refunded by the US Postal Service. If you keep your meter and scale after the trial period, but return it prior to completion of your rental term commitment, you may be responsible for early termination fees pursuant to the terms and conditions of your meter rental agreement that are sent to you when you order the meter.

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