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Why a Postage Meter from Pitney Bowes?

Why Do I Need a Postage Meter?

Save time and money with Pitney Bowes small business postage meters and scales. Its like having your own Post Office™ open whenever you need it!


Avoid the hassle of going to the Post Office. Having a meter means postage is available 24/7.

Save Money on Postage

Meters and scales tell you exactly how much postage you need for any type of mailing. Small businesses that use a postage meter can save up to 20% a year in postage. Never waste money by overstamping.

Be More Productive

Spend time doing more important things for your business like preparing invoices and finishing payroll instead of driving to the Post Office for stamps. You'll be saving on gas too!

Postage Tailored to Your Needs

With several postage meter and scale options, you have the solution that's right for your business based on the amount of mail you send.

Flexible, Trackable

Several employees or departments can use the same meter but you can track the postage expense by person or department.

Be Prepared for Postal Rate Change

We'll notify you of rate changes and new postal regulations. Your meter can download the new rates in minutes.

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